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About us

Maksim Mamchur & Anastasiya Mamchur – founders of the network of the "Healthy Movement" Kinesitherapy centers.
10 + years of experience in the sphere of physical rehabilitation.
A wide range of experience with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, spinal hernias/protrusions, scoliosis, arthritis/arthrosis of the joints.

"Healthy Movement" Kinesitherapy center already had 9 branches in Poland, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates. So far, we have employed over 100 physiotherapists and have relieved over 12,000 patients from back and joint pain in the last 9 years.

You have tried everything, but the pain does not go away?

Visit us for a first consultation and we will prove that all is not yet lost!

What does it mean?
Kinesitherapy is a modern method of regeneration of the musculoskeletal system

It is a full-fledged science that belongs to the section of physical rehabilitation

The method is based on rehabilitation through manual exercises on special machines with a pulling force, under the supervision of a physiotherapist specialist
Features of kinesitherapy:
there are no contraindications to exercise and it is suitable for almost everyone

recovery without pills, injections or surgery

kinesitherapy treats the cause of the disease, not the symptoms (as pills, injections, corsets and other methods do)
Renew your back and joints with kinesiotherapy

Does that mean that kinesitherapy is something like a gym? Also, with exercise equipment... I can't do it, the pain is too severe!

Do not worry. You'll get it right. That is why:

you exercise under the watchful eye of a health coach, who sets your personalised exercises and exertion
we use special equipment explicitly intended for people with musculoskeletal problems
the exercises are chosen so that they do not cause acute pain. Each session makes you feel better, the pain and cramps gradually subside

Kinesitherapy has no contraindications. In addition, you are supervised by a personal health coach, who monitors your technique
In 7 years, over 10,000 clients have been relieved of back pain and joint pain at our centers in Europe
Make an appointment for a consultation and trial session at our center and try its effect on yourself
* Statistically, even after expensive surgeries, the rate of recurrence of the disease reaches 80% and higher
Kinesitherapy influences the cause of the disease. This is not the case with surgery* or medical treatment

The longer you wait, the worse your condition becomes

Apply now!
We will consult you and sign you up at the nearest Healthy Movement Kinesitherapy Centre
Consultation with a kinesitherapist + trial session

What will happen after the consultation?

As you can see, the consultation is only the first stage. Then you need to start a course of kinesitherapy exercises
Your personalised rehabilitation course includes:
290 AED
390 AED
Trial session
Cost of sessions:
370 AED
One-time kinesitherapy session
A personalised exercise program that takes into account your physical condition and health peculiarities
Your sessions are supervised by a personal rehabilitation therapist
Every third session we perform a scheduled check-up to adjust your program if necessary
4200 AED
3690 AED
750 AED economy
5040 AED
4490 AED
910 AED economy
12 session package
12 session package
Kinesitherapy + massage
Trial kinesitherapy session + testing
390 AED
290 AED
450 AED
One-time kinesitherapy + massage
At the end of the course you will receive necessary recommendations

Our training area is well equipped with a partition system.

Feel free to ask an administrator to install it before the session.

You think everything is already lost and nothing can help you?

Sign up for a consultation and see
that there is a chance!

At the consultation we will:
analyse your notes: MRI, X-rays (if available) and review your medical history
take a look at the status of the musculoskeletal system
test you on a number of tasks and provide you with special mio-facial diagnostics
conduct a trial diagnosis session in the kinesitherapy room
To book a time slot for a consultation and a trial session fill in the form:
290 AED

Consultation + trial exercise session!

390 AED
Location: Jumeirah
establish an approximate timeframe for the recovery according to the results of the survey
Please pay attention!
Please don’t forget to take a sportswear and changing shoes for a trial session
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Our Team
Maksim Mamchur & Anastasiya Mamchur
Founders of the network of "Healthy Movement" Kinesitherapy centers:
- Have over 10 years of work experience in the physical rehabilitation

- A wide range of exercises with different diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, hernias/protrusions of the spine, scoliosis, arthritis/arthrosis of the joints, e.t.c.

- For the last 9 years more than 10,000 patients have been restored to health with the help of the "Healthy Movement" Kinesitherapy centers

- 7 branches in Europe
Oksana Piantak
Certified specialist in physiotherapy (Masters degree from Europe. DHA license). Master of sport (Europe). Professional athlete for 13 years. 3 years of work experience
• Certified specialists in physiotherapy
• Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system diseases
• Ergo Therapist

Qualification category:
• Postural deformity
• Scoliosis
• Spine degenerative diseases: osteochondrosis, hernias, protrusions
• Orthopedic rehabilitation
• Post operative rehabilitation
• Geriatric and pediatric rehabilitation
• Women’s Health
• Myofascial release
• Functional training
• Experience of work with athletes (rehabilitation after sport injuries)
• Professional athlete for 13 years

• Masters degree in physiotherapy and ergotherapy, Europe
• Master of sport (basketball), Europe

• Therapeutic massage
• Sports massage in rehabilitation
• Kinesiotaping in orthopedic rehabilitation
• Joint mobilization techniques
• Applied kinesiology. Anatomical trains
• Rehabilitation of the shoulder and upper extremity

Work experience:
• 3 years
Mohammad Obaida Kaied
• Certified specialist in physical rehabilitation
• Neurological & musculoskeletal diseases/injuries
• Orthopedic disorders
• Sports injuries
• Up to date Therapeutic Exercises
• Therapeutic & Sports Massage

Qualification category:
• Vertebral column deformities/diseases
• Post-operative Rehabilitation
• Pediatrics & Geriatric Rehabilitation
• Manual Therapy
• Myofascial Release
• Postural Education

• Bachelor degree of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation/Excellence Degree Graduate

• Kinesio Taping Workshop (2022)
• Electrical Muscles Stimulation (2022)
• Physical Therapy in Cerebral Palsy (2022)
• Modifications of Wheelchairs Patients and Their Use (2021)
• First Aid (2016)

Work Experience:
• 4 years
Vinita Charlotte Mascarenhas
• Certified Consultant and specialist in physical rehabilitation
• Specialist in Kinesio taping, deep massage, myofascial release, mobilization techniques

Qualification category:
• Spondylosis of cervical and lumbar regions with radiculopathy
• Spinal Disc diseases of varying degrees
• Scoliosis
• Incorrect posture, ergonomic correction
• Frozen Shoulder
• Rehabilitation and return to sport after fractures and sprains
• Rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery and soft tissue repairs (meniscus/ Ligament injuries)

• Bachelor's of Physiotherapy from Father Muller Medical College, India

• Sports and recovery massage (2022)
• Taping Workshop (2017)
• Dry needling (2022)
• Knee Rehabilitation workshop (2019)
• Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

Work experience:
• 6 years
• Specialist in physical rehabilitation
• Specialist in Kinesiology taping
• Specialist in manual therapy techniques
• Specialist in myofascial release

Qualification category:
• Postural problems
• Sports injuries
• Osteoarthritis
• Spinal disc pathologies
• Scoliosis
• Post Op rehabilitation

• Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
• University of Health Sciences (UHS), Pakistan

• Certified in musculoskeletal assessment and management (2021)
• Certified in Chiropractic Techniques (2022)
• Certified in Kinesiology taping (2022)
• Certified in athletic taping and strapping (2023)
• Certified in Myofascial Cupping Therapy (2022)

Work experience:
• 4 years
Kanwal Mairaj
• Certified specialist in physical rehabilitation
• Cardiopulmonary diseases
• Neurological & musculoskeletal diseases/injuries
• Orthopedic disorders
• Therapeutic Exercises
• Therapeutic & Sports Massage
• Manipulation techniques

Qualification category:
• Spine deformities/diseases
• Post-operative Rehabilitation
• Pediatrics & Geriatric Rehabilitation
• Manual Therapy
• Scoliosis correction
• Postural Education and correction

• Bachelor degree of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

• Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation (2019)
• Caring for children with autism spectrum disorder (2021)
• Manual and mobilization therapy workshop (2021)
• Dry needling workshop (2023)
• Kinesio taping technique workshop (2023)

Work experience:
• 3 years

Ahmed Hossam Awad Saleh Abdelaziz
• Certified specialist in physical rehabilitation
• Neurological & musculoskeletal disorders/injuries
• Sports injuries
• Therapeutic & Sports Massage
• Manipulation & Mobilization Skills
• During & Post Delivery Rehabilitation

Qualification category:
• Post-operative Rehabilitation
• Pediatrics Rehabilitation
• Manual Therapy
• Myofascial Release
• Postural Education
• Recovery Sessions

• Bachelor degree of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation/Excellence Degree Graduate

• Dry Needling By Knowledge Bridge (2022)
• Cupping Therapy "Hijama" (2023)
• Shoulder Complex & Rehabilitation (2023)
• Building the Kinesiotherapy programs (2023)

Work experience:
• 3 years

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